Hoi, wij zijn Lars & Timo, de bedenkers van ‘Kaart Blanche®’. We vullen elkaar perfect aan en daarom hebben wij een platform opgericht waar we onze designs konden delen en waar mensen iets gepersonaliseerd kunnen vragen. Of het nu gaat over een simpele verjaardagskaart, een coole (re-)branding, een poster, een nieuw visitekaartje (eindelijk!), een design voor een t-shirt, iets om de interne communicatie binnen je bedrijf te verbeteren, een mega-cool setje Giphy gifs, je eigen logo, een kadobon voor je shop, patches & pins of iets volledig out-of-the-box. Elke gebeurtenis is een reden om feest te vieren en bovendien wint iets persoonlijk áltijd. Ons hoofddoel is blijven doen wat we graag doen en deze liefde te verspreiden door andere mensen gelukkig en tevreden te maken. Aarzel dus niet om ons te contacteren met jouw design wens en we zullen je een leuke deal doen. L&T <3


Hi there, we are Lars & Timo, founders of ‘Kaart Blanche®’. We complement each other perfectly and that’s why we wanted to create a platform where we can share our designs and where other people can ask for something personalized and remember we love challenging ourselves. Why don’t you tell us what you want and we will make it happen for you! Whether you want a simple birthday card, some cool (re-)branding, a poster, a new business card (finally!), a design for a t-shirt, something to improve the internal communication in your company, a mighty-cool set of Giphy gifs, your own logo, a gift-card for your shop, patches & pins or something completely out-of-the-box. Every occasion is worth celebrating and something personal always wins. Our main goal is to keep on doing what we love and hope to spread this love by making other people happy and satisfied. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your design wish and we will make you a nice price offer. L&T <3


When they asked me as a child what I wanted to be when I grow up, I didn’t know. Actually I still don’t know today but what I’ve learned over the years is that I love to be creative, innovative and solution-minded. People describe me as a fixer of things in every sense of the word. I won’t stop until everybody is completely satisfied. I can’t draw at all, but I can create a concept and will find a solution with and for you. So when you mail to hello@kaartblanche.com with a question I will be at your service and start everything up before it goes to the creative side.


Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved drawing and colouring. As a toddler I drew on everything I could find, including the walls in my house – sorry momma. The desire to draw never really stopped, during high school all of my study books were covered in meaningless doodles and eventually I started making silly birthday cards for my family and friends. I was always surprised and touched by the reactions I got and more and more friends picked it up and started asking for special requests. I believe that in that very moment “Kaart Blanche” was born.