Product cards

LVTPR Benelux - Oct 2016

Set of 8 USP cards to introduce new care products for Henkel Beauty in a box
Inspired on Alice in Wonderland



  1. Syoss Satin Straight – Rabbit looking in the mirror
  2. Syoss Texture – Alice falling in the hole
  3. Gloss Sensation – Alice looking in the mirror
  4. Keratin Color Vital Beauty – Queen sitting in bath with red, voluminous hair
  5. Gliss Kur Color Protect & Shine – Roses under a bell jar
  6. Syoss Super Shot – Rabbit running towards the product
  7. Diadermine Crème d’Energie – clock visualing ‘time flashback’
  8. Diadermine Micellar Water – Alice at the border of the lake, looking in the water